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Patriotism, the love of one’s country is expected to be seen, felt and perpetrated by all citizens irrespective of their political leanings. Yet, this enviable virtue of life is being distanced and even destroyed by the very people who need it to wield power. Regrettably, this canker worm of protest distabilises and causes destruction at a time when African nations having reinstated multi-party democratic governance should be demonstrating to the rest of the world that they embraced the system because of its elements of freedom and power sharing and not political egoism.

Besides, at a time when some democracies today, surprisingly see nothing wrong in backing rebels against democratically elected governments, patriotic nationals ought to be prudent in their declarations during, and after elections. What in effect, is politically mature is dependence on the Judiciary, fair play, and respect of the norms of democratic practice. For, it pays to respect the law through patriotic action, not declarations which trigger violence and destruction.

Those who doubt the prowess of dialogue and pacific moves should have a flash back at how much honour our political leaders earned for this country during the celebrations in Bamenda marking the 50th anniversary of cameroon’s defence forces; last January’s presentation of new year wishes to the Head of State, and the Ebolowa agro-pastoral show, when President Paul Biya and SDF chairman, Ni John FRU NDI put aside their political leanings to honour State affairs.

President Paul Biya, and the chairman of cameroons leading opposition party, the Social Democratic Front by coming together to talk and celebrate taught compatriots to live in peace and work for the development of their country in spite of their political leanings. Such a spirit ought to reign at all times among political leaders.

For, it is no sign of weakness on the part of politicians, but rather a gesture of political maturity on their part to envy the political unity of their country and above all, protect unity and solidarity by accepting peacefully the verdict of the ballot box.

Peace-loving Cameroonians cherish such political maturity which portrays their craving for sustainable peace and development, and NOT declarations that trigger violence, distabilisation and destruction.

To be patriotic, and portray practically this spirit, one needs to be genuinely educated. By such education, we do not mean the ability to read and write , but the will and ability to reason, and act with concern for our future generations whose peace and progress, we must guarantee.

On the other hand, calling on peace - loving Cameroonians to protest after elections is an unfortunate move which cannot be tolerated by the right thinking, and above all patriotic citizens of this country.

Besides, the Almighty God who made peaceful Cameroon’s reunification in 1961, and inspired the peaceful handling of the Bakassi land and maritime dispute will not permit sadists to make room for inadmissible political strategies.

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