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Countdown Spells Good Augur

Today, the entire nation is barely five days from commemorating the 40th anniversary of the advent of the unitary form of government.

As a graduated teenager back in 1972, it is with some authority that we can compare the build up to the event of 1972 to what is happening in the country today as the countdown runs out.

Forty years ago, the approach was very political. With the one-party state apparatus, it was easy to push down, even hesitant throats, all the good intentions of replacing the Federal system of government with a Unitary one. The objective of the latter was to ensure a more fraternal relationship void of political undertones which were a veritable source of mutual suspicions. Such attitude was considered as a major hindrance in furthering the reunification of the Cameroons of the two sides of the Mungo.

One cannot say the one-party system necessarily promoted fraternity and quicker understanding between the English and French-speaking peoples of the fatherland. This was wished and promoted on the sheer whims and caprices of colonial masters or imperialist nations that were charged with ensuring the political, economic and social evolution of the people.

Forty years on, it could only be with understandable joy that senior decision-makers in Yaounde talk of Bakassi in the heartland of the then West Cameroon as if it were next door to Yaounde! In the early 70s, locations in the then West Cameroon were difficult to pronounce in Yaounde. It was commonplace to say Ndian was in the then North West Province while, quite often, many believed that Mamfe was a locality situated on the outskirts of Bamenda! After forty years, many of these errors and negative clichés have given way to a new nationalistic spirit and a sense of belonging to the same nation.

The presence of five government Ministers last Friday in the heartland of Ndian to launch activities preceding the 40th anniversary of the unitary state was quite significant. The ministers underwent the difficulties ordinary Cameroonians endure in their daily struggle in the search of decent life. They struggled on difficult roads, slept in difficult conditions, made do without electricity, travelled in rickety vehicles or boats to reach their destinations and saw ordinary citizens live their difficult lives in various forms; be it with poor housing, unavailable health services and the generalised absence of vital government services.

And yet, one could read from the faces of the numerous people who turned out in Bakassi last Friday and in Darrak yesterday - among them many school children - that there was unconditional love for the fatherland.

These visible acts of affection for the fatherland must be attributed to the special programme of events worked out by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civil Education. Credit must go to Minister Bidoung Mkpatt who in the past has exhibited mastery in youth mobilisation and his sense of organisation.

The various unity and mobilisation marches organised in various regional headquarters last Sunday were quite successful. So are these initiatives to mobilise citizens in the border areas. These initiatives carry a sure hint that the 40th anniversary of the Unitary State next Sunday will be a hectic event.

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