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Decency And Dignity

Cameroonians yesterday, 1st May 2013 joined the rest of the world’s labour force to celebrate the 127th edition of the International Labour Day.

Regrettably viewed by some people as an event whose significance has been relegated to speech-making, demonstrations and promises, the International Labour Day remains a motivating force for employers and the employed. Workers for example, need good conditions of labour to effective.

The themes that yearly accompany these celebrations are meant to remind workers and their employers of the ingredients of dignity and effective stewardship. This explains why the masterminds of the various themes that come up every year for the celebrations delve into topical challenges and aggree on what to use for education and sensitization.

At a time when there is so much talk about expansion without development, scholarisation without education, labour without patriotism and corruption a cankerworm, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has chosen for this year’s celebration, Decency at work and the fight against corruption. What a welcome theme at a time when the societal ill of corruption and inertia have become so common that even primary school children believe they cannot gain admission in other schools, or even be scored objectively in class work if they do not please their teachers in one way or the other!

Among adults, some believe that it is not possible for the militant of a political party to cross the carpet, or vote for a candidate of a different party if his conscience has not been bought over. Corruption cannot completely eclipse or relinquish the desire for people to respect their consciences, if they are diligent and patriotic.

If we are diligent, honest and sincere in stewardship we cannot be easily deceived, to act against our consciences.

To be decent in stewardship and fighter against corruption, we must possess what we want to dish out. Corruption has been difficult to eradicate in most societies because the crusaders against this ill are not good examples of what they preach. Yet, action speaks louder than words. This begins with knowledge of the problem and what should be done to alter the trend.

Sincere Stewardship demands punctuality at work, assiduity, humility, cooperation and competence. Those who envy these virtues and strive for improvement do not opt for bribes or other forms of corruption to be promoted. They seek promotion and achieve it through, competence and hardwork.

Decency at work and the fight against corruption in this light, demands that every patriotic citizen should be aware of the importance of effective service and strive to teach by word and action.

Be it in the civil service, the army, the Executive, the Judiciary, the press or the Senate, the patriotic citizen should bear in mind that he has been assigned by his compatriots to be decent and diligent in service to the nation.

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