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Hon. Lifaka Sponsors 300 Girls, Fortifies CPDM Fief

Five stops-over took the Vice Speaker round her Fako West Constituency last week.

Ending her “thank you” tour of the Fako West constituency last week, the Vice Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, paid memorable home-comings to Idenau, Maumu, Bonjongo, Lysoka, and Bonavada in the South West Regional capital, Buea.

At each stop-over, she addressed huge crowds, dished out money and gifts, and received ovations from the people. Particularly at the Bonjongo Court Area, Lifaka’s home-village, she was acknowledged with enormous joy for the multitude of community achievements since her first parliamentary tenure in 2002.

The CPDM Sub-Section President for Bonjongo, Mosoke Fabian, recalled the 99 per cent victory scored in the area for the ruling CPDM at the 2011 presidential election, and the 90 per cent vote at the legislative and municipal polls last September, 2013. “These results, thanks to Hon. Lifaka, make Bonjongo the fief of the ruling CPDM”, Mosoke underscored.

And this has earned the people a special recognition in terms of women empowerment, scholarship for the underprivileged, agricultural in-puts, road rehabilitation, Health Centres, classrooms and greater attention for their development.

The local party boss noted that she had, among many things, sponsored 300 girls from Bonjongo Court Area to train at the Buea women’s empowerment centre. In the same vein, 15 boys are currently undergoing training in various workshops in Buea paid for by the Vice Speaker. Hon. Lifaka brought for her people FCFA 600,000 cash, farm in-puts, spray cans, umbrellas, caps, fuel-economy stoves, and new promises for other realisations.

The grading of Upper Bonjongo-Mapanja road, electrification of Baondo, erecting Bonjongo to a Sub-Divisional status as well as creating a Technical College were tabled and Hon. Lifaka promised to take the pleas forward.

The Vice-Speaker opened the second phase of her tour with Maumu area on May 11, where she donated cash and material to appreciate her third mandate in Parliament following 2002, 2007, and 2013. Subsequently at Lysoka (15 May) and Bonavada the next day, it was occasion to cement CPDM-population ties, hand out money to strengthen party base and donate material for farming improvement.

The Vice-Speaker who began the Fako West tour, donating FCFA one million for Idenau school electrification, told the people that she was bearer of President Paul Biya’s warm salutations owing to their faithfulness to the  CPDM.

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