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Commonwealth Ministers Congratulate President Paul Biya

Motion Of Thanks To H.E Paul Biya, President Of The Republic Of Cameroon, Head Of State.

February 2015: We, Youth Ministers, Senior Government Officials and Youth leaders of the Africa Region Member countries of the Commonwealth, meeting in the Yaounde Conference Centre from the 8th to the 10th of February 2015 on the occasion of the First Africa Region Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (ARCYMM) held under the theme : « Young people building a Stable and sustainable future », address to His Excellency Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon and head of State, a motion of support whose content is as follows :

-         Considering your continuous will to participate in the growth, promotion and support as well as in the smooth running of Commonwealth activities, especially with your high approval for the hosting of the first Africa Region Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting by the Republic of Cameroon; 

 -         Considering the efforts and strategies put in place in accompanying and strengthening the Cameroonian Youth through diverse structural programmes and projects in the country;

 -         Considering your constant will to promote peace, unity and stability in Africa without which there can be no youth development;

 -         Considering your firm determination to accomplish your daily mission of defense of the nation and the African continent, especially in the fight against terrorism and insecurity;

 -         Considering the privileged position give to the youth and the entire population as major actors in the accomplishment of your mission;

 -         Considering your permanent will to build the Cameroonian society on the cardinal values of the Commonwealth such as peace, hard work, democracy, gender equality, solidarity, and the rule of law which are all indispensible for an exemplary nation;

 -         Convinced that the holding of the First Africa Region Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting in the Republic of Cameroon is a mustard seed for  lasting unity among the Africa Region  Commonwealth member countries;

 We express to you, our sincere and profound gratitude for your continuous interest in strengthening international cooperation especially in the interest of young people;

 We express our total support to your efforts in the fight against terrorism in Cameroon and the African continent;

 We express our sincere thanks for accepting to play host to this first Africa Region Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting;

 We pray that God Almighty, grant you long life, good health, wisdom and courage to assure peace and stability, and promote international cooperation in the Continent and amongst Commonwealth member countries.



Done in Yaounde, the 10th February 2015

                                                      The Participants

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