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Interview: “SDF Procedures Are Spelt Out In Constitution”

Ni John Fu Ndi, National Chairman, Social Democratic Front (SDF) party, talks on the life of the party as he celebrates 75th birthday.

Could we know how you feel at 75?

It is a wonderful experience that is difficult to explain. I have every reason to thank God because at 75, I am still on my feet, reasoning properly and feeling great. Once in a while, I visit cemeteries in Bamenda’s neighbourhoods and that is how you know that many people are dying and among them are a lot of young people. That is why I thank God for life since   1941.

What were the topical issues during the NEC Session of July 30, 2016?

NEC members spent time discussing attempts by people propagating information to destabilize the SDF. We also deliberated towards the party’s elective convention in 2017. It requires the setting up of commissions and follow-up to ensure that the imminent convention is hitch-free. We also concerted to emerge with solutions for obstacles on the way of the reorganisation of party structures in certain areas.

It is rumoured that you are being lobbied to have the Vice Chairman of the SDF, Hon. Joshua Osih, as the party’s candidate for the next presidential elections.

Those propagating such ideas are myopic. SDF procedures are spelt out in its constitution. It is on the floor of the SDF Convention that candidates for presidential elections are chosen. This has been the tradition in the SDF. Candidates have to subject themselves to the laws of the party and I am proud that we have not bent procedure in the SDF, while other political leaders simply declare themselves as candidates.

It is not long that we criticized the CPDM for drumming it that Mr Biya should precipitate Presidential elections and become their presidential candidate. The SDF argued that we cannot precipitated elections in the face of the War against Boko Haram. That is why I cannot make a u-turn and declare Hon. Joshua Osih as SDF’s candidate for the next presidential elections ahead of the elective convention.

The party is not my personal property. If Hon. Joshua Osih wins at the elective convention, he will lead. I am proud that I have led the SDF to emerge as the strongest party in Cameroon in the midst of all sorts of obstacles. It is not time to twist our rules.

Are you concluding that nobody has discussed the above subject with you?

Yes, nobody has discussed the subject with me.

Are you surprised that Hon. Joshua Osih has kept sealed lips over the issue? Or, has he talked about it with you?

Most of the things are on social media and I do not know if he has been talking about it. However, I know that he will answer or react when the appropriate time comes.

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